About Us


FGS Naples opened our first Health Food Store in North Naples, Florida in 1984. Our mission was and still is simply to help as many people as possible through educated discussion and holistic health products. 

Our concept grew from the 1970's local health food store model: "A place to find direction for health concerns and remedies, and a place to discover clean allergen free, organic and natural foods and body care products.  FGS Naples remains committed to that mission and model. Our experienced and highly educated team is here to provide the information and products you are searching for.


Our Founder


Joe Wallen, founder and owner of FGS Naples, is regarded by many as one of a select few pioneers in the organic and health food industry in the Naples, FL area.

Joe  received his BBA degree from Notre Dame in 1968 from the school of finance. Since then, being in business has been his lifelong vocation. 

However, financial business was not his goal, and after following his journey and simplifying his life, which literally meant giving all of his possessions away, living on the beaches of California and living on the road, he discovered his true vocation involved nutrition and environmental concerns. 

Adele Davis' book had just been published and "Eating Right to Keep Fit" became the beacon that directed Joe towards opening stores in a number of locations.  He was licensed by the State of Florida as a Nutritionist in 1988 and continues to be active in advancing concepts and products that reflect our community's needs. 


Our team


Becky Gruhn, Manager

 Becky has served as For Goodness Sakes' manager for over 17 years. She comes from a rich background of Vitamin Supplement and Nutritional Experience and holds a wealth of knowledge in all of her conversations. She is always here to listen and help guide you through your health issues.

Her unique skills include gaining a thorough understanding of every product in the store by meeting with vendors and carefully choosing the best of the best products.  Ask her about any nutritional supplement and she will know just where to find it and help educate and guide you.  


Courtney Obermayer

 Courtney is currently enrolled in nursing school in Naples, FL.  She is very excited about applying what she has learned by working at FGS Naples while advancing her knowledge and experience in the Medical Field. 

Her cheerful and positive attitude always brightens the days of our staff and customers.